Volume 7 (2018)
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7.1Paul L. DanoveThe Conceptualization of Communication in the New Testament: A Feature Description
7.2Nicholas P. LunnCategories of Contrast in New Testament Greek
7.3John J.H. LeeCohesive Harmony Analysis for Ancient Greek: SelPap I:112 and PMich VIII:491 as a Test Case
7.4Ryder A. WishartMonosemy: A Theoretical Sketch for Biblical Studies
7.5Stanley E. PorterAspect and Imperatives Once More
7.6Joseph D. FantinMay the Force Be with You: Volition, Direction, and Force: A Communicative Approach to the Imperative Mood
7.7James D. Dvorak“Evidence that Commands a Verdict”: Determining the Semantics of Imperatives in the New Testament