Submissions to BAGL

BAGL accepts submissions in five categories, and are to be labeled as such at the time of submission:

Submissions should follow the BAGL styleguide and should include an abstract not longer than 100 words and identification of the type of article (which will be included at the time of posting and publication). Submissions not following the styleguide will be returned to the author for revision before being considered by the editors.

Submissions should be sent in electronic form (Word or RTF) to Stanley E. Porter at Assessment and response will be made within two months of submission. Accepted submissions should be posted on-line within two months of acceptance.


Articles include full-length and fully-developed pieces that are expected to reflect a clear linguistic methodology, and where pertinent application to pertinent texts. Articles that utilize the latest in electronic data-bases and search capacities are encouraged, but the range of articles is not limited to such research. Some studies will offer focused and detailed treatment of particular issues in Greek language study, while others will offer more broad-ranging treatments of linguistic phenomena. Articles that survey and assess recent research are also welcome.


Explorations include more tentative and exploratory pieces that do not reflect the same development as articles but are worthy of publication in order to generate interest and response and enable further development of their ideas. In some ways like “working papers,” these explorations are still expected to reflect clear methodological reflection, even if their approach and conclusions are more tentative and exploratory.


Notes include short notes or discussions of an idea which are not extensive enough to be a full article or exploration and ideas which are still in development or in response to other publications.


Responses include responses to any other postings made in this journal. Submissions in this category can vary in length. Responses should not simply repeat material in previous postings, but should accept knowledge of the previous work and advance discussion.

Reviews/Review Articles

Reviews and review articles include reviews of books, articles, software or theories relevant to the scope of the journal. Reviews of individual books, articles or software will not be published in print, but will be posted in a special review section. Review articles—consisting of reviews of multiple related books, articles, software or the like will be treated like other articles and will be posted and then published in print. Review articles should be substantial in content and scope.